NOTE: Throughout the mission I was able to easily upload blog posts with photos via my phone’s cellular signal, but video uploads required Wi-Fi, and I never was able to find an open and sustained Wi-Fi signal worthy of video uploads.  Therefore, now that I’m home I’m now able to post this video (and will likely post some others over the next few days).

Early last week our host, Pastor Charles Garrison of The New Genesis Bible Church, gave us a tour of a large portion of New Orleans that was ravaged by the flooding from the breached levees caused by Hurricane Katrina.  This video is of a public housing project that suffered severe damage and has now been abandoned.  It’s amazing that nearly five years later the personal possessions of the former residents are still strewn about the premises.  In  the video, Pastor Garrison points out a family photo on the wall, and while I was looking around I saw an unopened jam and jelly gift package that still had a bow on top.

Pastor Garrison said that 80-85% of New Orleans suffered from flooding, and that the population of the city is still today 25-30% below the pre-Katrina population.

The tour lasted three hours, and this video represents just a few minutes from one of several stops. Pastor Garrison gives praise to the Christian community for their past and continued relief efforts.